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Patient Rights & Responsibilites

We are committed to meeting the health care needs of our pediatric patients, which may include their physical, developmental, emotional and psychological needs. Each day, we strive to achieve the expectations listed below in an effort to help lessen the anxiety and fear in these children during their hospital stay.

While I am in the hospital, I can expect:

1. My caregivers to tell me their names.

2. People to knock on my door before entering my room.

3. People to understand that it’s OK for me to cry when I am afraid or hurt.

4. People to give me a hug when I need one.

5. People to let me make choices when it is OK for me to do that.

6. My room to be a safe and peaceful place.

7. People to laugh with me each day.

8. My parents to be allowed to help take care of me.

9. Safe and quiet times during each day.

10. My family and friends to visit when it is OK.

11. People to explain to me what’s going on and why.

12.The freedom to ask questions without judgment.